AutoENHANCER is our software plugin for Adobe Photoshop, which simplifies photo enhancement for engraving purpouses. It is suitable for any type of engraving machine.


Take a look at the video presentation of AutoENHANCER:


AutoENHANCER ivolves these functions:

1.Auto Halftone

Automatic and manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness and noise with instant preview of engraving.

Uprava Halftone Auto_1

This function simplifies enhancement enormously, because you instantly see how change of brightness, contrast or sharpness will show on engraved picture. Moreover, there is a magic “Auto” button, which will automatically enhance all image features based on a cutting-edge genetic algorithm. The preview is available in two halftoning algorithms: Jarvis and Jarvis Coarse. The latter we specially developed for engraving into stone. It’s advantage is in better tonal reproduction, so that an image is not so “flat” as if using classic Jarvis.

Example of non-enhanced and automatically enhanced photo:

Bez úpravy  Automatická úpravaVygravírované do čierneho kameňa


Create a glow around dark hair.

Bez žiary  Žiara

This function automatically generates glow around hair, which improves overall look of portrait in case that hair is dark.

3.Periodic Noise Removal

Removes structured paper form an old scanned pictures.

Štruktúrovaný papier  Odstránená štruktúra papiera

Some of older pictures are printed on structured paper. When scanned, this structure can be hardly retouched. With Periodic Noise Removal function, it can be done automatically, just by one click.

4.Jarvis and Jarvis Coarse

Dithering algorithms used to convert picture to black and white dots only

Jarvis jemný  Jarvis Hrubý 

Jarvis – is a classical Jarvis dithering algorithm, which is available for example in Corel Photopaint, but it is not normally available in Photoshop.

Jarvis Coarse – is our dithering algorithm, which creates small clusters of white dots. This leads to better tonal reproduction on a stone.