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Batmend Mechatronics Company was established as a branch of Batmend Stonemasonry founded in 1996 by Ing. Batmend Tovuu. In a stonemasonry, as well as in each industry, it is necessary to use machines and associated software. Mišél Batmend studyed electrical engineering and made a PhD. in mechatronics. During his studies, he started designing machines and software for stonemasonries, in what he logically continued after graduating in 2014, by founding Batmend Mechatronics Company.
Our machines and software is designed in close cooperation with stonemasonry, therefore we have a clear concept of what stonemasonries need. Next advantage is possibility to test functionality immediately and fine-tune details directly in stonemasonry workshop. That is why our technologies are "tailored to fit", which is also a slogan of our company.
Besides technologies for stonemasonries, we also develop technologies for other branches of industry. We develop software, electronical circuits and mechanical parts of custom designed machines.

Our philosophy

Today's world can be labeled as a world of technology. Every company has to use it, if it wants to keep up with competition. The problem is that technologies are more and more difficult and require a skill of almost computer expert even from a common user. Often, this is a source of troubles for workman, if he doesn't know how to deal with this or that task.
Our ambition is to create technologies, which are designed for particular function. Therefore, it doesn't require knowledge of whole complicated programs. We pick only functions, which user needs to finish his task. Furthermore, we try to automate as much as possible, so that technologies are treated fast and easy.
We also realize how important well prepared tutorials and help are. We think, that demonstration with comment is a best way to explain a solution of problem, that's why you can find many video tutorials, solving common task from stonemasonry business.