Beginning of April 2019, an exhibition at Kamenosochařství Smetana in Czech Republic took place. The weather was beautiful, a lot of stonemasoners came and the interest in engraving machines and Headstone Designer was high. Many thanks to Weha and Mr. Smetana for perfect exhibition. It would be nice to organize something similar in Slovakia. 

2.3.2019 We come to the new season with improved Headstone Designer 4. Check out new functions:

During June 7th to 9th 2018 there was an exhibition ongoing at high school Hořice, which is the biggest stonemasonry fair in Czechia and Slovakia. Every second year, actual and past students, together with stonemasorny suppliers meet to exchange news, experience and buy some practical stuff. Of course have fun as well.

Do you think it's possible to engrave directly at cemetery? Answer is: YES! Mr. Cvrkal made it. He engraved with our machine mb2700 in depth text, which he gold plated directly at cemetery. Machine was fixed to the stone by clamps and powered from DC/AC converter. The maching power consuption is around 40W, therefore such setup is working like charm.