At the end of April 2018 an exhibition took part in Czech Republic. As every year, Mr. Smetana opened the gates of his stonemasonry to welcome collegues from Czechia and Slovakia. In Weha booth, it was our 3rd time, exhibiting engraving machine and Headstone Designer software. This year, we have introduced fundamental inovations in stone engraving. All can be seen in these two pictures:

gravirovany a zlateny textgravirovane prace Cvrkal

1. In depth engraving, which is deep enough to gold plate.
2. Super high resolution engraving, where even the smallest details are visible.

Thanks to all participants for their interest. Here's some pictures from the fair:

This was the 4th time, we've been exhibiting on a Kamenar trade fair in Trencin, Slovakia. This year's participation of exhibitors and stonemasoners was rather poor. Despite this, we received valuable feedback from our customers and proposals for improvement, which we are very thankful for.

As an accessory to engraving machines, we offer a case for transport and strorage. Case will protect machine from shock and vibration during transport, but will also provide shelter from dust during storage in workshop. In a case, the machine can be stored in both vertical and horizontal position. We highly recommend to current and furture owners of our engraving machines.

We've been listening to a voice of customer, which required bigger working area of engraving machine. Our answer is new version of machine with working area 40x60 cm with name mb2700. Now, also bigger ornaments can be engraved in single run.