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About the machine

Since 1996, among other stonemasonry activities, we have been engraving portraits into stone. Due to excellent quality of hand-craftet portraits, we became known not only in eastern Slovakia. In 2008, due to excessive time requirements on hand-craft, we started invening an engraving machine.

In cooperation with Department of Electronics and Mechatrinocs on Technical University of Kosice, we have devoted 4 years to development of engraving machine. Step by step, we extended our machinge park so that we are able to completely produce the machine. After nuberless tests and improvements we can finally announce that the machine is ready for selling and is able to engrave high-quality portraits which satisfy even demanding customer.

To engrave, the machine uses a hammering diamond tip, in a similar way as in manual work. Thanks to this, it is possible to create engravings of very high quality even into color stones (multicolor, bahama blue,impalla, aurora). The machine is easily handled and comes with a friendly interface. The most common input is a photograph from an identification card which is scanned, computer processes and then engraved. The problematic point in most engraving machines is the computer processing of the picture which is crucial for the quality of the portrait. This is why we paid extra attention to development of the computer software, which makes the processing very easy, convenient and fast. The package includes also pre-designed ornaments, which are ready to engrave. This gives you a powerful tool with a complete range of engraving solutions to offer to your customers.


  • easy and fast installation onto the headstone using four adjustable legs
  • you can place the photograph anywhere with virtually no margins
  • engraving onto an uneven surface, e.g. a book
  • engraving of black and non-black stone
  • to edit the photograph fast and easy, you can use Adobe Photoshop Elements with our software AutoEnhancer
  • the machine is completely developed and manufactured in Slovakia, made out of the best-quality materials

 Engraving machine MB2300/MB2700